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"Empty Designs did a fantastic job on our  Halloween event promotional material. Their quick turn around time and excellent designs really made it a success." - Jill, Shooters World


"Without your help my company still would be very low ranked on all the major search engines. You guys did a fantastic job of getting me to #1!" - Bob, Eagle Services

Why do I even need a website?

The simple answer is exposure. In today's market it is imperative that you have a web presence. Large or small it doesn't matter as long as it is executed well. Often times a business is not considered valid until they possess a website, and often times they are overlooked or questioned as to why they don't have a website.

On the other hand a poorly designed or FREE site gives the impression to your audience that you don't care about your web presence and therefore are not serious about business. People are faced with both of these scenarios daily and it is becoming more common place to "check a place out" online before even visiting or spending money there.

A well designed site might bring you a few customers and solidify your companies legitimacy but the power is now in the hands of Social Media Marketing. Want to learn more? Head over to our Social Marketing page and we will explain how in conjunction with a web presence you can achieve the full package!


Custom Design or Template. You Choose!

Have you ever seen those road side banners that advertise $99 websites? Ever wonder what you really get for that price? We are just as tired of these shenanigans as the consumer. Not only for misleading customers but for ruining trust for honest web designers/developers. With our clients we are up front and make sure the you know the difference between a template site and a fully custom one as well as the benefits and draw-backs of both.

We always work within your budget to get you the best product you can afford, and most times even give you more than you could have hoped for. Our custom, honest and personal service is what defines and separates us from the others.

Do I need a Custom site?

Depends. Custom sites are often more expensive and take longer to create. Therefore are typically more expensive. However, once the project is complete you will have a one-of-a-kind site that does what you need it to do and it will be something you can be proud of and will last you as long as you need. Depending on the complexity of a fully custom site doesn't always mean big dollars. A small custom designed site with no back-end support often times is a cheaper route than a Template site.

Do I need a Template site?

Maybe. If you are looking for a semi-custom site at a low cost? Template sites have to work within the constrains of the template. This isn't always a bad thing. Most sites we create that are semi-custom are Wordpress or Joomla based. Meaning they are backed with the worlds most powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) available on the market. These type of sites are recommended for anyone who needs to constantly update a website or needs features only provided by a CMS.

I don't know what I need!

Not a problem! We can point you in the right direction. We offer consulting to any one who is unsure of which route they need to go. Head over to our GET A QUOTE page and we will get back with you on what we think is best and if you take our advice some where else we won't be offended. As long as we were able to educate and help your business thrive.